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We would like to personally welcomed you to HANAQ PRANA YOGA STUDIO of New Tampa. You are now a part of a community of people dedicated to achieving radiant health. Whether you have never tried yoga, have basic experience, or are a long time practitioner, we have something to suit your style and we thank you for choosing us and bring your practice here with us. When you do come by, we hope you enjoy your experience and the energy we share in awaken the best in body, mind and soul. Namaste...

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• Arrive 15-20 minutes early to take care of first time registration paperwork.
• Please fill out a registration form in person or online.
• Ask us any questions and we’ll give you guidance.
• Drop-ins are welcome to all classes.
• Reservations for classes available online or by phone.
• Cancellations must be received before class starts.
• Register for courses & workshops in advance.
• Beginners should start with Beginners Yoga Class.
• Always be prepared, punctual and present.
• Dress comfortably, clean and free of fragrances.
• Bare feet only inside the classroom.
• We encourage having your own mat.
• We have community props available free of charge.
• Props can be purchased.
• Relax and enjoy your experience.

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Address: 10323 Cross Creek Blvd. Suite E.

Tampa, FL, 33647

Phone: 813 - 333 - 1026

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