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• 60-minute single session – $95
• 90-minute single session – $105
• 90-minute couple session – $125

• 60-minute single session – $95
• 90-minute single session – $105
• 3-pack 90-minute sessions – $215


​The main areas of Holistic Life Coaching that Lorena S. Smith can assist you with are: Spirituality. Life Purpose. Career. Abundance. Relationships. Holistic Health. Psychic abilities. Removing creative blocks. Holistic thinking- aligning at all of your body’s - emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and etheric.

Through her training as a Holistic Life Coach, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and experience in psychic intuition, Peruvian shamanic rituals and life experience, she can assist you to achieve your goals. Since she started her practice, Lorena have assisted dozens of satisfied clients. Every session triggers something deep within you to magnetically pull you to your highest and best path.
Available via Skype video call. 

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The second I walked into HANAQ PRANA YOGA STUDIO I felt home. I had the most incredible life changing experience where I can honestly say Lorena touched my soul.  I walked in feeling drained,  self-conscious and fragile... I LEFT feeling positive,  filled with love,  purpose and direction.  HANAQ PRANA isn't "just a yoga studio" it is a LIFE EXPERIENCE that will give you an extra dose of "feel good" every time you visit. THANK you,  Lorena for giving so much of YOU in everything you do!

Jessica Jean Francois

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Performed by Lorena and our skilled teachers. For individual and small groups this lessons completely customized for you and your aspirations. Perfect for a beginner and expecting mothers who wants to start out in a personalized environment or an experienced yogi looking to expand the horizon, or someone with an injury or condition who could benefit from the therapeutic aspects of yoga.

Attend at our studio space or we’ll come to you in the comfort of your own home or office. Rates vary based on the number of participants, location, duration, availability of props (offsite), the teacher’s level of experience/specialty, and the number of sessions booked in advance.


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Guided by Lorena Saavedra Smith, experience 60-or 90- minutes of personal time and space integrating diverse techniques of spiritual and alternative ways of interconnection included and not limited to Peruvian shamanic techniques, Reiki, crystal energy to restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Each session is a combination of personalized instruction, intuition, and energy reading towards self-healing and self-empowerment.
Energy Readings are available via Skype video call.

The benefits of Reiki include deep relaxation, pain relief, and bringing balance to the body systems. The healing is non-invasive and applicable to many conditions. The practitioner lightly places her hands on, or just above, certain areas of the body to bring the universal life force into the body of the client so it may be used as beneficially as possible.
During a Reiki session, clients are fully clothed and the techniques are tailored to the needs of the client. It is common for clients to fall into a light sleep and to feel warm, comfortable, & relaxed.