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Hanaq Prana COVID Protocols

Your Safety and Wellbeing is Our Top Priority

COVID-19 Procedures starting Thursday, July 1st, 2021:

  • Vaccinated individuals may resume normal Studio activity without wearing a protective mask/face covering/face shield. 

  • All non-vaccinated patrons will be required to wear a protective face mask to cover their nose and mouth.  Our Studio has a supply of disposable masks for public use.

  • Touch-free check-in at the front desk via the Mind Body App

  • Increased cleaning frequency rotations to wipe down/clean hard surfaces, particularly in high traffic areas

  • Bring your own mat and props (Blocks, Blankets, Straps)

  • Instructors will not be offering hands-on adjustments

  • Changes to facilitate social distancing in our rooms via floor graphics

  • Reserve your class in advance 

  • Place your mat in the marked areas in the room

  • Wipe down your practice space after class

  • Class schedule has changed happy to announce new classes are available.

Children 12 and Under:

  • Children shall be required to wear masks unless engaging in outdoor activity.

  • Instructors will be required to wear face masks when interacting with children.

  • Face covering/mask/shield shall not be required for children under 5 years old.


Reserve your class in advance by logging onto the Mind Body App! 

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