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Yoga Therapist Educator and Entrepreneur Lorena is a 500hr E-RYT, Reiki Master, wellness coach, and a mindfulness and sound healing facilitator. Lorena is the founder of Hanaq Prana Yoga Studios & School and, serves as an expert adviser to the Yoga Alliance Standards Review Project.

She is fluent in Spanish and English and leads yoga teacher training classes, spiritual retreats, and workshops at multiple locations around the country.
Originally from Perú, Lorena has been exposed from a very young age to diverse spiritual and alternative natural ways of interconnection towards self-healing and self-empowerment.

With over 16 years in the wellness field, she continuously developed her knowledge and passion for yoga and meditation and has received training and credentials from prominent institutions and international teachers in multiple modalities. She is known for her genuine love of people and community.
Her belief in the inclusive effect of yoga, and her unique self-expression of equality and motivational style of teaching that blend both physical and mystical aspects make her passion for educating others accessible to everyone. A primary focus of hers is to empower students to accept their true meaning of the inner self and individuality on and off the mat.


Due to her continued efforts to bring health and wellness to her community, Lorena was nominated and honored to become a finalist for the prestigious Roar and Business Woman of the Year awards sponsored by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.


Married to a US NAVY officer, she embraces the challenges of an unpredictable military lifestyle. In 2014, Lorena broke out of the corporate real estate world and founded Hanaq Prana Yoga in Tampa, Florida. While she is not attending training somewhere in the world, or teaching training or traveling on retreats, you will find her reading a book or sitting enjoying time with her husband fishing with her boys.
Lorena and her family are currently living in the Washington, DC area.

Personal mantra & quote: Life's too short! Don't waste your time and effort trying to fix unfixable situations. Keep moving forward because your prior mistakes don’t define the person you really are.



Ivonne is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, AASDN Nutrition Specialist from the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists, a certified group fitness instructor, and certified Holistic Health Coach. She works with a diverse range of clients including men, women, young professionals, corporate executives, retirees, athletes, and inactive or over-weight individuals. Her philosophy is that there is no one way of eating or living that works for everyone, and consequently, she has had success working with people from all walks of life.


Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Ivonne is a dedicated nutrition communicator that educates the public through public speaking, writing and media work. She has conducted interviews with local media outlets, including MiTV Network, MegaTV, and SuperQ 1300 Radio.

As a Director of Wellness of Hanaq Prana Studio, she guides and mentors  individuals to take responsibility for their health and supports them in making sustainable lifestyle choices.


Some common areas where she can assist include weight management, food cravings, sleep, energy, digestion, stress, and time management.



Amanda started practicing yoga and meditation 20 years ago in college to help her cope with depression and anxiety. After graduating with her BA in Liberal Arts, Amanda traveled and worked in theatres throughout the Southeast. After settling down in South Florida, she studied Bikram Yoga for a while before returning to her first love, Hatha Yoga. After moving to Tampa with her husband, she found her new yoga home at Hanaq Prana Yoga Studio, where she began to study yoga and meditation under Lorena Saavedra Smith. After 2 years of mentoring and one-on-one training, Amanda decided to step into the role of becoming a teacher.


She is a received her YTT200 certification under the Lorena Saavedra Smith's school of yoga. She has also studied under Yoganand Michael Carrol and Dr. Stephan Rinaldi of the University of Holistic Theology and has received a Certification in Restorative Yoga and Meditation. Through her training, Amanda has created a practice of bringing Mindfulness to each class by inviting the student to come into their bodies with breath awareness, allowing oneself to awaken the physical body and the emotional body into the present moment. Cultivating this mindfulness practice with yoga is one of the tools she has found to bring peace and comfort into her life to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Amanda enjoys being playful and when she is not practicing yoga, she is spending time with her family and friends, writing, and creating.

As Operation Manager of Hanaq Prana Yoga Studio, she is eager to assist students and the rest of the team with years of experience in customer service and professional operational development.



Charmain was a new mom of two when she began her journey into yoga. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, Charmain turned to yoga for the physical benefits and “me time”. After her first class, Charmain experienced a sense of peace and emotional well-being that continued to bring her back to the mat. A former elementary school educator who recently transitioned into the entrepreneurial world, Charmain’s consistent practice is a reminder that she is walking in her path.

Charmain is an RYT-200 certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. She received her training from Hanaq Prana School of Yoga in Tampa, Florida, under the leadership of Lorena Saavedra. Charmain’s classes invite students to open their hearts and embrace their unique qualities through their asana. Her passion for people, music, and laughter are incorporated in all of her classes

Charmain holds a B.A. in Communications. She spends her weekdays consulting with her public relations clients and writing for a national publication. When she is not in her office or on the mat teaching, you can find Charmain spending time with her family, volunteering at her children’s schools or attending a sporting event for one of her three sons. She has a passion for traveling, dancing and exploring the city. She tends to find “beauty” in everything. She lives in Tampa with her husband and three sons.



Gina is a fully bilingual (English and Spanish) registered RYT-200 with credentials from Lorena Saavedra Smith's School in Tampa, FL. Gina believes in the benefits of hatha yoga and her practice focuses on balancing a hectic and fast paced lifestyle into a mindful state where you can transform, center and reconnect with your true self.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Gina was introduced to meditation 20 years ago which became an anchor in her life. She fell in love with yoga in the midst of pregnancy over 10 years ago, where she found a place to nurture herself and the seeds of her growing family.

Gina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and an MBA from University of Puerto Rico and Interamerican University, respectively. She works as a VP in one of the top 10 largest Banks in the US. Gina loves camping and going on nature walks with her family. She’s happily married with her high school sweetheart and a loving mother of two sweet kids as well as a puppy and a squirrel.



Jensey is a Puerto Rico born, Florida raised yoga teacher. He completed his 200-hour teacher certification at Hanaq Prana School of Yoga under the direction of Lorena Saavedra Smith and mentoring of LeGrand Jones.
One of his favorite things about yoga is, that just showing up and breathing is enough. His own experience with stress and depression led him to yoga. He appreciates that everyone can benefit from a regular yoga practice and find the same peace of mind it’s brought him. He believes yoga is accessible to everyone, no prior experience is required. The only thing required is the ability to breathe and the willingness to lovingly meet yourself on the mat.

Jensey pours all his creativity and heart into creating a safe space and memorable experience for all. His passion for music and the integration of it to his practice is Jensey's powerful and unique way of communication and connection with everyone attending his classes, he uses music to aid in creating a positive environment and yoga experience.

He is the proud father of a french bulldog named Louie and a grey cat named Fitzroy. By day Jensey works in the insurance industry in the claims field.


 PhD. RYT200

Dr. Sorensen started practicing yoga as means to help him deal with chronic lower back pain. After taking his first class he was hooked. Not only has yoga helped him physically, but he immediately began to see the mental benefits that come with practicing yoga. Years later he decided he wanted to deepen his practice and knowledge. Once he started his yoga teacher training, he was surprised at how much more there is to yoga beyond the physical practice.

In addition to his 200-hour yoga certification with the Yoga Alliance, Chris has a Master's degree in Teaching and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. He is currently enrolled in the Hanaq Prana Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program.


Teaching and learning is something that he's passionate about and he's grateful that he now gets to take that passion into teaching yoga. Chris believes that individuals come to mat for difference reasons. Whether it’s to improve flexibility, develop strength, or calm the mind, Chris finds joy in helping others find what they may be looking for through yoga.



Jill has been involved in the yoga and metal wellness industry for decades. She started practicing yoga as a means to help him deal with grief and loss. Teaching and learning about yoga and mental health is her true passion.


She has over 500 hours of training and she is certified RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance. She is also trained and have years of experience teaching yoga for seniors, Trauma-informed care yoga, and restorative yoga.


Her teaching style is rooted in the foundation of movement, alignment, breathing and, the continuous study of the 8 limbs of yoga. She is currently enrolled in the Hanaq Prana Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program.



Through daily practice, Kristina brings empowerment and knowledge to each of her classes. Where people can be comfortable to being challenged and inspired to look within for peace and balance.

Kristina is a motivated and compassionate woman who dove into the practice of yoga in the beginning in her teen years.


After years of practice and now mother of two, she was continuously on the search of a way to deepen her connection to yoga and balance with mind body and spirit. In the last years Kristina furthered her practice by completing her 200 hr. yoga teacher training in New Jersey. She is a registered yoga teacher yoga alliance.


She believes that life should be filled with love, laughter and excitement. With an strong spiritual background, her intention is to help others become enlightened from within.



Kristina had enjoyed yoga on and off for many years as a complement to her active lifestyle. After a series of sports-related injuries and pain, she began practicing on a more consistent basis and her love for yoga grew. Not only did she find the pain relief and flexible she was looking for but more importantly she found a sense of peace. Through the beauty and philosophy of yoga, she was able to work through many of her struggles with anxiety and deepen her sense of self.

Kristina felt so strongly about the benefits of the practice that she decided to dive deeper into its meaning and history by becoming a student at Hanaq Prana School of Yoga under the direction of Lorena Saavedra Smith. She wanted the opportunity to share the physical, mental and spiritual blessing of yoga to anyone and everyone seeking them.

Originally from Queens NY, Kristina is an RN with over 20 years experience caring for the varied needs of the adult oncology patient and currently works in cancer research. She holds a RYT 200hr in Integrated Holistic Hatha Yoga, a member of Yoga Alliance and is a Reiki II practitioner.

In her spare time, she enjoys physical fitness and continuing education in both her nursing and yoga practices. She loves nature and the outdoors as well as traveling with her husband and three sons.



Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, bring peace of mind and enhance a meditative practice. This is what attracted LeGrand to yoga, and yoga is now an integral part of his life. His vision is to share these benefits with others.

LeGrand completed his 250-hour teacher certification at TreeHouse Yoga in Tampa. He completed his 500-hour teacher certification in Lutz, Florida. LeGrand is registered with Yoga Alliance as a Continuing Education Provider.

His teaching intention is to meet all students wherever they are in their practice, from beginners to advanced practitioners, from teenagers to seniors. LeGrand’s teaching philosophy is oriented toward calming the mind, expanding the spirit and comfortably exploring the ever-changing limits of the body. 



Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Laia began to practice yoga while touring with Disney on Ice as a professional figure skater in an attempt to minimize the physical and mental toll of traveling and performing.

It wasn’t until being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease that she realized that yoga and meditation needed to become a fundamental part of her life in order to stay healthy and keep stress down. As she developed her figure skating coaching career, she realized the physical and mental benefits yoga could have in her athletes, and she decided it was time to become a yoga teacher. 

Laia is an ERYT-200 registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). She studied under UK-based Nichi Green and Claire Santos at the 305 Yoga University in Miami. Laia developed a deeper understanding of what yoga truly is, and after graduating with her 200- hour certification, she began to teach yoga not only to athletes but to people from all walks of life that are looking for a yoga practice that goes beyond the poses. He is currently enrolled in the Hanaq Prana Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program.


Laia’s teaching style is deeply influenced by her figure skating background. She loves creating unique and fun sequences that allow students of all levels to explore the depths of their abilities with a focus on alignment and safety. Classes are infused with themes that go beyond the physical postures and encourage students to dig deeper and take what they learn in the studio into their daily lives.
Laia currently offers remote training to several Olympic and elite athletes from different countries. She also teaches workshops and special events in both the USA and abroad.



Marcelino has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. However, it wasn’t until he incorporated yoga practice into his life that he soon realized the countless healing benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. His passion, drive, and commitment have always been to help others in their wellness journey and to discover the power within.

In addition to his 200-hour yoga certification with the Yoga Alliance, Marcelino has a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and MBA from Saint Leo University. He is currently enrolled in the Hanaq Prana Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program.

As a teacher, he is warm and friendly. He grounds his students in an ongoing awareness of breath while guiding them through proper pose alignments coupled with compassion that allows students to share in the calming of the mind while discovering the capabilities of the physical body. Through humor, passion, and motivation he strives for his students to leave class feeling empowered, inspired and excited for more yoga in their lives! Marcelino is ecstatic to help you be the very best you can be--It isn’t about perfection, but the progress.



To Nicole, yoga is acceptance. After several dance-related injuries, yoga was suggested to her at age 14 as a way to work through several physical ailments. Eight years later, Nicole is still humbled and inspired by the yogic lifestyle each day and is overjoyed to be able to share in the practice with her students.

A native of Florida, Nicole is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga and all of its benefits with her fellow inhabitants of the Sunshine State. Having fallen in love with Vinyasa yoga, she encourages her students to connect movement to the breath and honor and enjoy whatever does (or does not) show up on the mat.

Nicole is an RYT-200 certified yoga teacher. Throughout her high school career, Nicole competed at both the regional and national level for dance and holds several titles.  Graduating Summa Cum Laude, Nicole holds Bachelor’s degrees in creative writing/English and psychology. She is excited to be a part of the yoga community in Tampa.



Dr. Wallace began practicing yoga over 15 years ago. Yoga and meditation offered a holistic mind, body and spirit connection that enabled her to find balance and inner peace in the midst of raising four children. She is a registered R-YTT 200 hour teacher with Yoga Alliance who received her training in the lineage of Integrated Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga from Hanaq Prana Studio in Tampa, Florida under the leadership of Lorena Saavedra Smith, E-RYT, MRT, CLC and the mentorship of Janice Zgibor, R-YTT, Ph.D. The practice of yoga can be an important part of an overall wellness plan at any age.

Pam's classes reflect compassion and a clear understanding of how these practices embrace the overall wellness of the mind and body. With years of experience in the field, she is committed to supporting her students to reach well-being.

Dr. Wallace received her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University, and also completed a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of South Florida. She is employed as a technology teacher. She and her husband Mike are the proud parents of four young adults. Dr. Wallace is a lifelong learner who strives to instill a love of learning and acceptance among her students.


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